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Pepi Streiff is a native New Yorker who was born and raised in Brooklyn.Sheentered NYU with a plan to study theatre arts and star on stage and in film. Her direction changed, however, when she fell in love with mathematics and Irwin Streiff, her husband of 58 years. Pepi taught mathematics in high school and junior college for 28 years and retired in 2002. Jewelry making started as a hobby, and for some time she gave much of it away to her friends. As her skills evolved, she began experimenting with better materials such as cultured pearls, amethyst, jet, Swarovski crystal, and rose quartz. She also developed a fondness for vintage and imported European clasps. Eventually, her hobby became expensive enough that she chose to sell her jewelry. She now sells most of her pieces, and continues to frequent the jewelry districts of New York and Miami to buy more beautiful stones and pearls with which to work.


Pepi’s jewelry reflects her philosophy of dress. Jewelry should not overwhelm. Necklaces and earrings should frame a woman’s face, not draw attention away from her. Jewelry is not sculpture; it does not stand alone, but rather enhances the wearer. Jewelry should whisper, not shout. The woman should get the attention.


When she is not making jewelry, Pepi is busy acting on television and in films. She lives with her husband and their new little puppy, Bucky, on Burnside Island. Pepi can be reached at or 912-659-0339.

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