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The Landings Woodworkers Guild was formed in the fall of 2014 when seven area residence met to discuss forming a club for people into woodworking. Abilities within the group range from owner of a furniture manufacturing company, two highly skilled amateurs, two relative beginners. The one thing that they had in common was a passion for creating things with wood. Today the Guild has about 20 active members, most also members of the Landings Art Association.

The Guild meets once a month in a member's workshop. Most meetings center around a demonstration of a favorite skill, technique or tool, but they also cover design and history. During show Intel periods. Members may show projects or pictures of recent projects. Other activities include community projects, tool sharing, help and advice, as well as inviting outside speakers. Members participate in field trips to area points of interest, such as the SCAD design studio, the Port of Savannah and the Benedetto guitar factory. Guild members, working individually or in teams, have donated their creations to mini charity auctions, helping to raise significant funds for these organizations.

The Palmetto Gallery AOM case itself was created by several members of the guild to be shared with other LAA artists who show their work in the Palmetto Club Gallery. It is truly a work of art in itself.

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